The Truth Hunter

Sinister Woman
Escape from Kitsit, part 3

Evelyn awoke in the morning and crept out of her hiding place. She explored the area a bit more and discovered the magical crystal was a power source keeping an air elemental bound in one of the cells. As she shattered the crystal the grateful elemental burst from the cell in a rush of wind and was gone. Having found the last lever for the puzzle room upstairs she made her way back. Upon entering, she was confronted by a sinister looking woman and the two guards she gave the slip earlier. The woman was dressed in dark colors, purples and blacks, and wore a horned helm. She wielded a longsword that crackled with arcane power. After giving the guards orders to handle the young woman and put her back in her cell, the dark woman spoke a few magical words and vanished in a bright flash of purple light. Evelyn used the distraction to get the upper hand on the guards, who were still dazed from the magic.

After defeating the mercenary guards, bleeding and stumbling, Evelyn made her way out of the dungeon at last. With a moments hesitation she looked up and down the road she had come to. South. She would travel south then east around Lake Nen, and make her way to the village of Nenlast.

Too much to handle?
Escape from Kitsit part 2

Having slipped past the deeply slumbering troll, Evelyn crept into the next room. Inside she manages to take the occupants off guard, another goblin with two Shock Drakes. The cowardly goblin barked orders at his ferocious beasts while staying well out of harms way. The electrified claws of the reptiles took their toll on Evelyn and all seemed lost until she summoned the last of her strength and felled the drakes with a few precise blows. Seeing this the goblin lost his morale and as Evelyn advanced it ran from the room, yelling for help in broken common. After searching the room and finding some dried meat and some rubies most likely confiscated from some other prisoner, Evelyn barricaded the doors and managed to get a decent rest for several hours. When she awoke she continued her search for the way out and came upon a circular room with only the door that she came through. A pedestal with some plaque in a language unknown to Evelyn and two candle stands on either side were the only things in the room. After some examination, the young ranger discovered that depending on which candle holders had candles placed in them a mechanism would turn the room to face four directions. Besides the way she had come from only one other position of the room allowed her to continue.

In the next chamber Evelyn solved a simple missing statue puzzle and fought a giant frog with a sickly poisonous tongue, this room contained a lever which allowed her to continue through the circular room and found the gear room for the spinning puzzle room. Here more stairs descended into a room much like the prison area she escaped from. In one cell she found a glowing crystal that pulsed with magical energies. In another she found a lever as well as a secret door that lead into a cell that was completely walled off. In this long unused room she found a magical piece of elvish armor. Deeming the spot safe she closed the secret door behind her and slept soundly through the night, hoping to be gone from Kitsit Dungeon soon.

Escape from Kitsit

After spending several days in one of Kitsit Dungeon’s filthy prison cells, Evelyn noticed that the old fort had not been maintained well since it’s conversion. The grout between a few stones in a thin wall had decayed completely. When the orc in a cell down the hall began acting up she saw her chance. The guards relished pummeling the unarmed prisoner, who unwisely tried to fight back. This distraction was all she needed and promptly began kicking at the wall, which soon fell apart enough for her to move through. She quickly found her armor and blades and climbed the stairs out of the prison area. With only one way into the next room above her, Evelyn boldly rushed in to confront a pair of goblins and their guard drake. While the fight proved a challenge she did not rest over long. After catching her breath, she approached the door leading out of this room. An awful stench drifted around the edges of the door. With no time to wait, for surely guards were in pursuit, Evelyn slowly pushed the door open. On the other side laid a snoring, foul smelling, retch inducing troll. With all her skill Evelyn cautiously began to creep past the horrible creature, for it would surely kill her if it awoke. Now she just needed to get to that next door…


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