The Truth Hunter


Escape from Kitsit

After spending several days in one of Kitsit Dungeon’s filthy prison cells, Evelyn noticed that the old fort had not been maintained well since it’s conversion. The grout between a few stones in a thin wall had decayed completely. When the orc in a cell down the hall began acting up she saw her chance. The guards relished pummeling the unarmed prisoner, who unwisely tried to fight back. This distraction was all she needed and promptly began kicking at the wall, which soon fell apart enough for her to move through. She quickly found her armor and blades and climbed the stairs out of the prison area. With only one way into the next room above her, Evelyn boldly rushed in to confront a pair of goblins and their guard drake. While the fight proved a challenge she did not rest over long. After catching her breath, she approached the door leading out of this room. An awful stench drifted around the edges of the door. With no time to wait, for surely guards were in pursuit, Evelyn slowly pushed the door open. On the other side laid a snoring, foul smelling, retch inducing troll. With all her skill Evelyn cautiously began to creep past the horrible creature, for it would surely kill her if it awoke. Now she just needed to get to that next door…



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